Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling

Recycling- we’re committed to the environment.

As technology continues to grow exponentially year after year, computers are becoming outdated faster and faster. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of these outdated computers have ended up in landfills around the world. Don’t let your old equipment add to this mess! When you are ready to dispose of your old PC and computer-related devices, CrafTech is here to help.

When you bring your old equipment to CrafTech, we make sure that everything that is reusable is reused, and everything else is delivered to certified recycling centers around the tri-state area. For just a small fee, you can get rid of your old equipment the right way with CrafTech’s recycling service.

Computer Recycling and Parts:

  • Hard Drives: $5
  • Computers: $10
  • Monitors: $10
  • Secure Hard Drive Wipe $20
  • Printers: Ink-Jet $5, Laser $10
  • Cables: Free
  • Mice: Free
  • Keyboards: Free
  • Speakers: Free

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