Testimonials | Managed IT Services Philadelphia | CrafTech Computer Solutions

Testimonials | Managed IT Services Philadelphia | CrafTech Computer Solutions

Read what some of our customers have to say about us

Mercedes Diaz Testimonial –
Knowledgeable, responsive and caring. We recently hired CrafTech for IT support of our small Non-profit. They treat us like we are one of their most important clients. Very responsive to our requests and help step us through the process to get set up with them. Definitely recommend them.

Dawn Ruhl Dussell Testimonial –
Trouble with getting an email address at work with my name given incorrectly! So the email wouldn’t work & then my name signing on was changed too! Josif was able to resolve both issues quickly, considering I was on 3rd shift & didn’t respond back right away!

Anna Gonokhova Testimonial –
CrafTech has been providing services to our company for many years. They have been the most resourceful and efficient to resolving all our IT issues.

Barbra Tabnick Testimonial –
Our agency has been using CrafTech for several years. All of their team members are extremely helpful and they are always quick to respond to and take care of any technical issues we experience.

Andre Horne Testimonial –
These guys are very professional and prompt with their service. The obviously know their trade and I can highly recommend them!! They managed to revive my crashed PC and transferred all the files to my new computer on short notice and in no time!! The cost for this service was much more affordable compared to the geeks out there. They saved my day for sure!! Thanks guys!!!

Patty Mojta Testimonial –
We’ve been using CrafTech for over 6 years and we could not be happier with their service and expertise. CrafTech is super responsive when we have issues and resolve them quickly and correctly. The staff could not be more professional and nice. I totally recommend CrafTech!!!

Cheryl King Testimonial –
Whenever I have a problem with my computer (user-error or otherwise), CrafTech always resolves the issue very quickly. Their staff is always very friendly and responsive to my issues (whether it is my business or personal computer). Couldn’t be more pleased with their services and highly recommend them.

Joe McColgan Testimonial – We are so glad that we selected CRAFTECH as our IT Experts. We interviewed three companies including CRAFTECH and selected CRAFTECH. You met us, reviewed our equipment and how we functioned at the time and made different suggestions then the other two Companies. And, I can say that here at Wescott Electric Company we made the correct decision. Not only did you completely restructure how our IT operated at the time your cost to do so was in line. What we really appreciate is just how effortless the transition was for us and how awesome the team of employees that you have make everything so effortless on our part. Your employees are so knowledgeable, courteous and always able to help us with whatever our need and they do this without disruption to our operation. Our choice of CRAFTECH has saved us in many ways. CRAFTECH eliminated constant down time we had in the past, we were able to expand our system and move to all electronic file systems eliminating paper, copies, manual filing, filing cabinets and staff to perform these tasks. We would recommend CRAFTECH to any business for their IT needs.

Arnette Saulnier Testimonial – I would like to take this moment to say how happy we are here at Iceworks with the service, professionalism, and willingness to step in and help us. We have recently had a new phone system installed, with server, and updated internet service. We have had an associate, Brian Corsetti, who has helped us through our most recent installations, and going above and beyond with a PO System that we needed to have hooked up. I also cannot say enough about all the other employees behind the Scenes that help us out with any current problems we are having with patience and guidance. I also want to include the Owner, Toni, who has been patient and very helpful during this time to all of us here at Iceworks. If you need service, please feel free to reach out to this team.

Joe Figliola Testimonial – CrafTech installed our new VOIP phone system and the transition has been well executed. Brian and Stephane have been very responsive and helpful during the process and have helped us overcome the obstacles we have experienced. While we still have some things to learn I’m sure they will continue to be helpful. All of that is to say, I’m very pleased and most appreciative of CrafTech’s implementation and support on this project. 👍

Adrian Lo Testimonial – Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We recently engaged Craftech to update our entire office network set-up (email, Sharepoint, Cybersecurity and unified Wi-Fi installation) in both of our locations in Philadelphia and Marlton New Jersey. Craftech is extremely professional and organized. We are also using Craftech to manage our IT services and are very pleased with the level of service and responsiveness. I highly recommend Tony and his team as they will work with you to develop an IT service program that is fit for your specific needs. More importantly, Craftech will give you the peace of mind that your systems are set-up properly and secured which is critical today for any business

Zafeiris Akranis Testimonial – I work for a Philadelphia area meat packer that specializes in Philly Steak manufacturing. The growth we have experienced the last few years has created a large demand for a full scale, turn-key, managed I.T. service. With over 15 workstations and two warehouse locations, quality I.T. is essential to the success and safety of any business.

Craftech was able to meet each one of our needs from network configuration and optimization, domain creation and configuration, spam and malware prevention and defense, remote PC access, internet and WiFi optimization, printer and device management, and many more…

Their service and quick response time is something that any small/medium size business owner should experience first-hand.

The CEO/Antonio and his staff are professional and straight to the point. They always tell you how it should be, not what you want to hear just to make the sale.

Laurence Ostrom Testimonial – I have been a loyal, enthusiastic customer of CrafTech (Tony) for about 25 years now.I am not “enthusiastic” about many of the various vendors I interact with, but I’m enthusiastic about Tony and his company, CrafTech.  Tony is a man who is fair, friendly, accessible, and cares about his character, his company’s performance, and his customers.  He is a man who I can do business with, and I don’t say that lightly.Craftech from Day One handled all of my needs, for a fair and reasonable price with top-notch service.  As my businesses grew, they continued to handle all my growing needs in the same way.  Like his marketing materials say, it’s like having my own IT Dep’t without having an IT Dep’t – CrafTech can handle it all.

When I say “all,” I mean all – at least for me that means CrafTech has created/designed (per my specific instructions) and hosts my websites, provides my emails, helps coordinate with/programs my cell phone, provides my computer equipment (ordering, set-up & hook-up – easy), back-up, and monitoring of my networks (security).  Craftech also helps me stay keep compliant with new laws and standards. When I have problems with anything tech, no problem as I call in and someone helps me resolve it – fast & friendly. In addition, at least for me, I like supporting a local business – Media & Aston.

If anyone reading this wants to speak with me directly regarding my experiences over 25 years with CrafTech, feel free.

Thank You CrafTech/Tony!

Eric Bause Testimonial – I just wanted to let you know what a great job Evan did on Friday with Laura Martin’s PC. We really appreciate his diligence in taking care of the situation.

Eric Bause, ARM | Consulting Actuary, Media PA

Laura’s response to a CrafTech Escalated Service Call – Evan from CrafTech was amazing – if they have a company where he has a boss, it would be nice to tell his boss how impressed and grateful I am. Thank you Eric – I would say Evan impressed me and significantly exceeded my expectations. He was emailing me along the way from 5 PM onwards and helping me with questions that came up. And he was so patient. By the time he was finished the remote set up was 1:30 a.m. his time on a Friday night. It was truly exceptional service. I’d be pleased if he could get credit for those efforts!


Jennifer Borys Testimonial – I just wanted to reach out to you guys and let you know how completely happy I am with the service you’re providing our company. It is such a huge weight off my shoulders to know that our data is safe, and that ANY problems I have with my computer, your team will fix it for me…and QUICK! We have been a customer now for only five months, and in that time, you’ve upgraded PC’s, laptops, and even our server, virtually without any interruption in my ability to work. When we upgraded our printer/copier, you worked with the Canon tech and transferred all the contacts from our old machine to the new one, as well as getting everyone connected to the new printer. I can now work from home as if I’m sitting in my office 50 miles away, which was immensely helpful after a recent surgery. All your tech guys are so knowledgeable. I’ve had some issues with our internet and email recently…I put in a ticket and the problem is resolved almost immediately. I am now able to run my business better because I’m not spending time trying to resolve these issues. What would have taken me half a day to fix, your guys have done in 10 minutes. Signing on with CrafTech has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made. Thank you!

I’ve got to give kudos to the guys you have working for you right now. We’ve gotten the best responses, problem solving and service with a smile that we’ve had since doing business with CrafTech. Our experience with CrafTech is outstanding each and every time! Thank you for putting together such a great crew and for finding solutions for Pinnacle Healthcare Recovery Partners, Inc even when it’s not necessarily in your wheelhouse. Your entire crew is great! Thank you for acting more as a partner than a service provider, for always taking our business’ best interest into mind and for putting up with a sometimes difficult client in myself.

One of the perks of being a part of Nalco-Ecolab has turned out to be the IT services of Craftech. You guys have been excellent at keeping up both my general use computer at the office and my design CAD computer at home. You have been indirectly responsible for numerous sales in particular, and customer satisfaction in general.

CrafTech and Res-Kem have been doing business together for almost 20 years. As we’ve grown CrafTech has kept us current with appropriate software, hardware and the latest IT best practices. CrafTech willingly communicates on our behalf with our software partners to help us solve problems. Given the success of our partnership, earlier this year we signed up for their remote monitoring program. At first I thought it was overkill but as Res-Kem has grown I have less and less time to manage the IT.
I’m confident with CrafTech’s service. They are doing a good job at an affordable price.
The real testament to CrafTech is their responsiveness. I can’t even remember a time when our servers have been down for more than 30 minutes.

CrafTech takes care of all of the computers in our office. They do the networking and Monitor the server activity and the Firewall. They also build our servers and provide our on-line data backup service. In addition, CrafTech provides …support for the “Computer Lab” at our development in Newark, NJ and provides support as needed for our other offices. CrafTech is responsive when we call and are very efficient. They find the most cost effective way to deal with issues.
I’d definitely recommend CrafTech to others.

Being able to call CrafTech for small or large problems, hardware, quick solutions and always getting a fast reliable fix….Priceless!!! “It’s been awesome having local experts who arrive so quickly when called upon!”, Tina exclaimed when asked about CrafTech. CrafTech is consistently responsive, in a timely manner, to all of our technology needs. CrafTech keeps us abreast of new technology and maintains all aspects of hardware and software needs with reliable and professional service.

Linvilla Orchards has partnered with Craftech Computer Solutions for over ten years with outstanding results. They provide us with a full range of services from hardware and networking support to online data back-up, remote monitoring and access, outstanding and affordable email list services, ecommerce solutions, photo galleries, and website and email hosting. The extensive efforts that Craftech takes to reduce SPAM dramatically decreases the junk in our inboxes while ensuring that our customers can get through to us. The founder of Craftech,
Tony Rocha is present, involved, and accessible and his pleasant, competent staff is well trained.

Coming back from a long weekend to find that our computer system had crashed sent me into panic mode. We are a computer-dependent business and were totally shut down. The person we had been using as our technical support was unable to help us, so I called CrafTech and my mind has been at ease ever since. Tony and Eric gave us amazing service and had us up and running more quickly than I ever imagined possible. I learned the importance of having a monitored backup system and I have also learned that I can call CrafTech whenever there is a problem and they will respond quickly, work efficiently, and take care of whatever situation we run into.

The experience I had at CrafTech in Media, PA was absolutely wonderful. Initially I hesitated thinking they only worked with large companies. I was so wrong. They sat down with me and my laptop (which I thought was never going to work again because it is quite old). They spent an hour talking and examining my computer and advised me to leave it for a day quoting a price much more reasonable then Best Buys Geek Squad where I always feel rushed with the line of people waiting behind me. Well my computer now works like it is brand new. If you would like excellent service at a great price CrafTech is the place to go. They also have a great dog named Lucy who will be your best friend if you bring her a treat.